In a significant milestone for [Institution Name], the NAAC Peer Team, led by Dr. Madumita Das, Chairperson, along with Dr. Rajasekharan Balasubramanian, Member Coordinator, and Dr. Anupam Ratan Sanker Nagar, Member, completed their comprehensive review during the institution’s third cycle assessment.

During their visit, the team meticulously evaluated various facets of the institution’s academic, administrative, and infrastructural framework. The assessment encompassed a broad spectrum of criteria, including curriculum design, teaching methodologies, research output, student support systems, governance structure, and community engagement initiatives.

Dr. Das, expressing her observations, lauded the institution’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. She commended the robust curriculum, which integrates contemporary trends and fosters critical thinking among students. Dr. Balasubramanian emphasized the institution’s proactive measures in promoting research culture and facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations.

Moreover, the Peer Team acknowledged the institution’s proactive approach to leveraging technology for enhancing teaching-learning processes and administrative efficiency. Dr. Nagar highlighted the institution’s initiatives towards inclusivity and diversity, ensuring equal opportunities for all stakeholders.

In their feedback, the Peer Team provided constructive recommendations aimed at further enhancing the institution’s strengths and addressing areas of improvement. They emphasized the importance of continuous quality enhancement through stakeholder feedback mechanisms, faculty development programs, and strategic planning initiatives.

The institution’s management expressed gratitude to the NAAC Peer Team for their thorough assessment and valuable insights. They reiterated their commitment to implementing the recommendations to elevate the institution’s standards and fulfill its vision of becoming a global center of excellence in education and research.

As the institution embarks on its journey towards the next cycle of accreditation, the NAAC Peer Team’s visit serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement and reaffirms the institution’s dedication to excellence in higher education.

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Published On: February 23, 2023Categories: College News, Featured News