Discipline Committee

In the college, the expectation for students to uphold discipline is paramount, overseen by a dedicated committee tasked with ensuring adherence to rules and standards. This committee operates as a cornerstone of the institution’s disciplinary framework, responsible for maintaining order and fostering a positive learning environment. Through proactive measures such as regular patrols, investigations, and interventions, it endeavors to cultivate a culture of respect, responsibility, and accountability among the student body. By promptly addressing any breaches of conduct or violations, the committee aims to uphold the integrity and reputation of the college while safeguarding the well-being of its members. Additionally, it serves as a resource for students, offering guidance, support, and opportunities for rehabilitation when necessary. Through its efforts, the committee plays a vital role in shaping the college experience, preparing students not only academically but also in terms of character development and readiness for the challenges they will face in their future endeavors.

  • Dr. Aneesh Rajappan (Convenor)

  • Dr. Ranjith P. K.

  • Mr.Jibeesh P.
  • Ms. Simi K.K.
  • Mr. Gokul G.K