Tourism Club

The Tourism Club, operating under the guidance of the Tourism Department of Kerala and registered with the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) Palakkad, serves a significant purpose in the college. Its primary objective is to foster awareness about the socio-economic importance of tourism for the development of the state.

Through various activities such as workshops, seminars, field trips, and community engagement initiatives, the club endeavors to educate students and the wider community about the multifaceted benefits of tourism. This includes highlighting its role in generating employment, promoting cultural exchange, preserving natural heritage, and stimulating economic growth in Kerala.

By organizing events that showcase the rich cultural and natural diversity of the state, the Tourism Club aims to instill a sense of pride and appreciation for Kerala’s tourism potential among its members and the local population. Additionally, it may collaborate with industry stakeholders, government agencies, and local communities to promote responsible and sustainable tourism practices.

Overall, the Tourism Club plays a crucial role in shaping future tourism professionals, fostering a deeper understanding of the socio-economic relevance of tourism, and contributing to the overall development of Kerala as a premier tourist destination.

  • Ms. Rejimol C.S. ( Co-ordinator)

  • Ms. Abeesha M.
  • Ms. Simi K.K.
  • Ms. Asa P.S.