It sounds like the college is taking proactive steps to ensure ongoing quality and improvement in its academic and extracurricular activities. The formation of an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) indicates a commitment to maintaining and enhancing standards beyond the initial accreditation process. By involving various clubs and committees, the college is leveraging the expertise and enthusiasm of its members to work towards becoming a center of excellence.

The annual Internal Quality Assurance Report (IQAR) serves as a means to document the efforts and achievements of the institution in maintaining quality standards. This report is crucial not only for internal reflection and improvement but also for fulfilling requirements set by regulatory bodies like the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Coordinating activities to facilitate the re-accreditation process demonstrates a proactive approach to ensuring that the college continues to meet or exceed established standards. By doing so, the college can ensure its reputation for excellence and eligibility for various benefits tied to accreditation status.

Overall, the establishment of the IQAC and its associated initiatives reflect a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in education and related activities within the college.

  • Ms. Elwin Paul Konattu (Principal)
  • Dr. Vinarsha T.M. (Co-ordinator)
  • Dr. Ranjith P. K. (Assistant Co-ordinator)


  • Sri. V.P. Chandran (RDC Chairman)
  • Dr. Raveendran (Special Officer
  • Academics,Management Nominee)
  • Ms. Pushpalatha V.
  • Dr. Thulasi P.V.
  • Ms. Deepthi K.
  • Ms. Shini M.
  • Mr. Jibeesh P.
  • Dr. Aneesh Rajappan
  • Ms. Girija C.
  • Mr. Gokul G.K.
  • Ms. Silpa K. (Librarian)
  • Dr. Nithin Venugopal
  • Ms. Praleena Premkumar
  • Mr. Ashik A.
  • Sri. Mukundan C. (Alumini Association Secretary)
  • Smt. Sreevidya K.T. (PTA Vice President)
  • Sri. C.C. Jayan (Local Industrialist)
  • Ms. Vipanjika R. (Student Representative)
  • Smt. Bindu T. (Community Representative)
  • Sri. R. Sivasankaran (Office Supt.)