Department of Economics

The Department of Economics, established in 2014, offers a comprehensive B.A. Economics course. Led by Pushpalatha V, who brings over 20 years of experience to the role, the department is committed to providing a curriculum that meets both industry requirements and higher education prospects. Political Science is offered as a complementary course, and Informative Economics is available as an add-on course.

Situated within a vibrant academic community, the department fosters intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, and real-world application. It emphasizes academic rigor and excellence, supported by esteemed faculty members who are leading scholars and industry experts. The department offers a diverse range of courses, from introductory to advanced seminars, covering topics such as microeconomic theory, financial economics, economic development, and game theory.

Students benefit from a stimulating learning environment through engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on projects. This approach helps them develop a deep understanding of economic principles and analytical tools, preparing them for success in both academia and the professional world. The department also provides access to internships, networking events, and career workshops, enabling students to gain practical experience and build connections within the economic community.

Through partnerships with local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, students can apply economic theory to real-world problems, enhancing their analytical skills and expanding their professional networks. Additionally, the department hosts guest lectures, conferences, and symposiums, offering valuable insights from leading economists and industry practitioners. Graduates of the program are well-equipped with the knowledge, skills, and networks needed to excel in careers across academia, government, and the private sector.

Develop creative thinking, character formation and skills, passion for learning, self-reliance and to inculcate ethical responsibility and community involvement.
To familiarize students with cultural, political , historical and economical forces that are shaping the world and to strive for academic excellence with proficiency in purposeful learning.
Department of Economics