Department of Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education, established in 1982, has a long history of nurturing talents who excel at the national and inter-university levels. Since its inception, the department has consistently thrived, expanding its facilities and programs. It now boasts a multipurpose gym, a 200-meter track, cricket practice nets, a volleyball court, and an open badminton court.

Currently led by Dr. Aneesh Rajappan, the department has seen many students achieve significant sports accomplishments at the national, state, and district levels. One notable achievement is the football team’s victory in the C-Zone Championship of Calicut University for the 2023-24 academic year.

In addition to its competitive sports programs, the Department of Physical Education offers open course classes for fifth-semester undergraduate students from various departments, focusing on physical activity, health, and wellness. This comprehensive approach ensures that all students have the opportunity to benefit from physical education, promoting overall health and well-being.

The Department of Physical Education focused on holistic education which leads to the well-being of human being.

Promote holistic education that enhances employability and life skill development.
Cultivate a spirit of intellectual creativity and inquisitiveness
Develop the institution to an academic centre catering to the diverse socio cultural groups
Department of Physical Education