Department of Malayalam

Our college, established in 1981, began as a junior college offering three batches of Pre-degree courses. During this initial phase, Malayalam was introduced as a second language, catering to the linguistic needs of the students. The inclusion of Malayalam played a significant role in enriching the academic and cultural fabric of the institution, ensuring that students were well-versed in their native language alongside their primary studies.

Over the years, the college has evolved and expanded its academic offerings. Currently, Malayalam is considered a second language for various undergraduate programs including Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), and Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.). This broad inclusion reflects the department’s commitment to preserving and promoting regional language proficiency among students across different fields of study.

The Department of Malayalam, which is an integral part of the college, is currently headed by a dedicated and experienced faculty member. Under this leadership, the department has continued to thrive and contribute significantly to the college’s academic environment. One of the notable initiatives by the department is the annual release of handwritten magazines. These magazines showcase the literary and creative talents of the students, providing them with a platform to express their thoughts and ideas in Malayalam. This initiative not only fosters a love for the language but also encourages students to engage in creative writing and journalism.

The department’s efforts in promoting Malayalam as a second language and its annual magazine project highlight its role in nurturing linguistic skills and cultural awareness among students. By offering Malayalam across various undergraduate programs, the college ensures that students maintain a connection with their cultural roots while pursuing their academic and professional goals.

In summary, since its inception in 1981, our college has made significant strides in integrating Malayalam as a crucial component of its curriculum. The Department of Malayalam, through its dedicated leadership and innovative initiatives, continues to uphold the importance of the language in the academic journey of its students. The annual handwritten magazines stand as a testament to the department’s commitment to fostering literary creativity and cultural pride.

To generate knowledge about the linguistic and cultural diversities of Kerala.
Attempting to make meaningful co-existence by approaching cultural plurality with tolerance, studying the concepts of region-nation-state-world with an awareness based on humanism and producing knowledge that enables us for a social life based on gender justice.

To acquire the ability to understand and critique linguistic and cultural diversities
To foster an openness and sensitivity to diverse cultures in the sphere of language,literature and associated arts.
Department of Malayalam