Sree Narayana Study Centre

This center is dedicated to popularizing the vision and philosophy of Sree Narayana Guru. Its primary objective is to bring together individuals from various backgrounds who are interested in his teachings. Through classes, seminars, and discussions, the center aims to educate people about Sree Narayana Guru and his profound insights. It endeavors to make his original works and commentaries more accessible to the public, ensuring that his teachings are widely disseminated and understood. By implementing Guru’s teachings, the center seeks to contribute to the moral upliftment of society. Through the dissemination of his teachings and principles, the center strives to foster a sense of unity, compassion, and social responsibility among individuals, thereby promoting harmony and progress in the community.

  • Dr. Rajani P. (Co-ordinator)
  • Dr. Rajitha K.
  • Ms. Simi K.K.
  • Ms. Deepthi K.,
  • Dr. Sreedivya J.K.