Department of Hindi

Our college began its journey in 1981 as a junior college, initially offering three batches of Pre-degree courses. At that time, Hindi was introduced as a second language, reflecting the institution’s commitment to providing a comprehensive education that included linguistic diversity. This early incorporation of Hindi ensured that students were able to develop proficiency in a major Indian language alongside their primary studies, which enriched their overall educational experience.

Today, the Department of Hindi is headed by Dr. J.K. Sreedivya, who brings expertise and leadership to the department. Under her guidance, the department has continued to flourish and adapt to the changing educational landscape. Hindi is now offered as a second language for a wide range of undergraduate programs, including Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), and Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.). This extensive integration signifies the importance placed on Hindi in the academic curriculum, allowing students from various disciplines to gain linguistic skills that are valuable in both personal and professional contexts.

The Department of Hindi is known for its dynamic and engaging initiatives. Each year, the department releases handwritten magazines that showcase the literary talents of the students. These magazines serve as a platform for students to express their creativity and hone their writing skills in Hindi, fostering a deeper appreciation for the language and its literary tradition.

In addition to the annual magazine, the department actively conducts seminars on both online and offline platforms. These seminars cover a range of topics related to Hindi language, literature, and culture, providing students with opportunities to engage with experts, participate in discussions, and expand their knowledge beyond the classroom. The use of both online and offline formats ensures that the seminars are accessible to a broader audience, accommodating the diverse needs and schedules of the students.

The department’s dedication to promoting Hindi through educational and extracurricular activities highlights its role in preserving and enhancing linguistic heritage. By integrating Hindi into the curriculum and offering various platforms for creative and intellectual engagement, the Department of Hindi plays a crucial role in the holistic development of the students.

In conclusion, our college, since its establishment in 1981, has made significant contributions to the promotion of Hindi as a second language. Under the leadership of Dr. J.K. Sreedivya, the Department of Hindi continues to provide valuable educational opportunities through its undergraduate programs, handwritten magazines, and interactive seminars. These efforts ensure that students are well-equipped with linguistic skills and cultural knowledge that will benefit them throughout their academic and professional journeys.

To sensitise the students to the aesthetic,cultural and social aspects of literary appreciation and analysis.
To make the students able to use Hindi language correctly and efficiently
To acquaint the students with different forms of thoughts and styles used in Hindi prose writing to make them able to express their thoughts in these different forms.

Enable students to analyze literature and fiction using appropriate theoretical, historical and cultural apparatus.
Helps to develop creative thinking and writing
Students will be aware of socio-political and economical conditions of the society from different periods of Hindi Sahithyam.
Department of Hindi