The achievement of the Department of Economics at Calicut University, with Anekha Nair securing the first rank and Sruthi Mohandas achieving the 22nd rank, is a testament to the academic excellence and dedication within the department. This success highlights not only individual accomplishments but also the collective effort and academic rigor fostered by the institution. The first and 22nd ranks attained by Anekha Nair and Sruthi Mohandas from the Department of Economics at Calicut University are a celebration of academic excellence, dedication, and the supportive academic environment fostered by the university. These achievements underscore the department’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering intellectual growth, and preparing students to excel in their chosen fields. They serve as an inspiration to current and future students and reflect positively on the institution’s reputation for educational quality and excellence in academia.

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Published On: July 11, 2024Categories: College News, Featured News